Gen5 Ventures, LLC is a majority owned subsidiary of Gen5 Group.  The company is dedicated to identifying new technologies, product/service concepts, and business models for venture development and commercialization.

Gen5 brings a rich history of venture development of new technologies that capture emerging market opportunities or exploit supply-demand imbalances.  In fact, the restructuring of Gen3 Partners into Gen5 Group was prompted by the IPO of one of the company’s earliest ventures, Airgain [] – a company based on novel antenna technologies developed by Gen3 scientists.

Current development activities from Gen5 Ventures include:

  • Air Quality – Technology and method for providing personalized protection against environmental air contaminants
  • Cryptocurrency – New, two-tiered cryptocurrency that offers investors an avenue for asset appreciation and consumers a new utility currency for more efficient transactions
  • Microservices – Virtual marketplace for companies to distribute workload across a network of developers worldwide and for coders to build and sell their work product at an open market
  • Wearable – Connected device for early detection and prevention of exertional heat stroke