Gen5 at Medical Device Summit

October 2021

Gen5 Group will participate in the American Medical Device Summit, October 26-28 .  This virtual event will convene delegates from global medical device companies to address issues of innovation, cost reduction, process improvement, and compliance in today’s dynamic healthcare sector.  With significant experience in medical device innovation, Gen5 scientists hold a wide range of patents in areas such as surgical instruments, catheters, blood clot filters, blood platelet storage, and biological sensors.  Stop by the Gen5 virtual booth to learn how Gen5 applies its innovation tools and expertise to the unique demands of medical technology.

Pilot Production Facility Goes Live

December 2020

Gen5 Group has successfully completed the design and construction phase of a state-of-the-art pilot production facility in northern Europe.  Following initial modeling and design stages, construction began on the facility in January 2020 and first trial runs were completed in December.  The pilot facility deploys a novel process technology that provides for modular production units, lower capital expenditure, and flexible production volumes.  Further, operating on recycled raw materials, the technology reduces environmental impact by eliminating harmful emissions.  This technology development work is being carried out for a Gen5 industrial client.  Phase 2 testing and optimization will commence in January 2021.   Photos

Gen5 Ventures Signs Cooperation Agreement

November 2020

Gen5 Group’s venture arm has entered into a cooperation agreement with a global eyewear company for the continued development of Gen5’s personal air quality protection device.  This agreement brings design and manufacturing expertise that will accelerate advancement of current prototypes.  In addition, the cooperation agreement specifies channel access for global distribution upon product commercialization.

Gen5 on Corporate Entrepreneurship

November 14, 2019

Dr. Sam Kogan will address European innovation professionals in Milan at Gellify’s Corporate Entrepreneurship event, where he will discuss the need for in-house entrepreneurs, the challenges they face, and suggestions on how to best unlock dormant economic value through corporate ventures. Given the considerable challenges to developing ideas that lie outside of a company’s business model or beyond its core technical expertise, corporate incubators aim to give intrapreneurs the “right” environment to succeed within the walls of the corporation. Dr. Kogan will cite the structural and cultural impediments that can stall progress on these well-intended efforts, and share methods and approaches for more effective value creation.

Innovation in the Digital Age

September 27, 2019

Gen5 Group will participate in the NYU Stern 2019 Digital Innovation Conference where Sam Kogan will speak on the challenges of developing and executing platform strategies. Too often, digital innovation programs are excessively focused on deployment (How do we make it work?) rather than on value creation (What problem is this solving?). Dr. Kogan will present a framework for characterizing the parameters that drive customer value and only then linking to digital enabling technologies that can elevate and deliver performance against those parameters. This approach avoids the pitfalls of technology centric initiatives that risk missing the view of the market.

Gen5 Group Presents at BIOMEDevice

May 16, 2019

Dr. Len Malinin will lead a session entitled Resolving Early Design and Testing Issues by Addressing Contradictory Requirements.  Dr. Malinin will demonstrate methods and tools for resolving contradictory requirements without relying on compromised-based design methods.  The workshop will include practical examples from Gen5’s direct experience in medical technology innovation.

Gen5 Group and Delta X Capital Announce Joint Venture

September 25, 2017

Press Release

Gen5 Group Discusses Technology Incubation at IRI

May 9, 2017

Gen5 Group will present an alternative shared-risk model for corporate R&D at the Annual Meeting of the Industrial Research Institute.  The objective of the technology incubation model is to capture the benefits and upside potential of early stage ventures in a way that is complementary to the structure, risk profile, and shareholder expectations of the global corporation.  The working session led by Sam Kogan and Howard Soriano will cover key elements of the incubation framework, including models for sharing risk, systems for open collaboration, and iterative development processes.

Gen5 Addresses Korean Global Forum

October 2016

Dr. Sam Kogan will address Korean R&D leaders at the KOITA Global Forum in Seoul, South Korea where he will draw a distinction between an Applied Science of Open Innovation and other widely used processes for accessing global knowledge.  Dr. Kogan will demonstrate how deploying a functional approach along with qualitative and quantitative tools can be used to uncover enabling technologies, streamline processes, and accelerate development cycle times.